We Are Everywhere: A Letter of Arrival from Humanities 2

We are everywhere. Though we leave Humanities 2 today, it does not mean we have disappeared. We are sitting in your classes, riding your buses, serving your coffee, tutoring your children. We leave because we do not respect your violence; unlike the passive resistance of the past, we do not seek to enter your jails. We plan to escape, and keep on digging.


But this is not a retreat. Like the spontaneous dancing crowds that animated our action, we move to the music. As we register changes in the temporality and rhythm of the struggle, so our bodies spin and sway. If we spin away from this site today, it is not because we have stopped dancing; every moment demands something new. One leap leads to the next.

Indeed, this takeover has been the first leap in a long series to come. The Regents and the UC administration have attacked our livelihoods as students, and we have shown with our actions that the tuition hikes will not stand. The greatest “threat” to any member of the UC community are the Regents and the police that they use to harass and intimidate those who oppose them. We are the ones who defend each other from such threats – with the wave of actions rolling across the UCs, Jeff Novan, arrested at our disruption of the Regents meeting in San Francisco, has overcome repressive legal charges.

We have used this space to begin the work of dismantling the power of the university.  We have spent this week planning and forging the connections and solidarities that will be required for a longer fight. We have also used this space for learning and teaching—for concretely working out elements of what a university could be outside of the hierarchies and contrived power structures that saturate this space during its normal operation. These experiences are the indispensable base elements of a movement that will not be limited to only one type of action. Expect future direct actions; expect future disruptions and confrontations; expect strikes, but above all, expect surprises.

You can wager, however, that we will only grow. More and more students learn every day about the impact that these new fees will have on their lives, and about the people who have imposed them on us and who enrich themselves with our misfortune. Our indebted futures weigh on us already, but rising tuition makes that load all the heavier. For the most oppressed and excluded among us, it will soon be unbearable. The takeover of Humanities 2 is only one of five such eruptions in the UC to surface this week from under the pressure.

Add to this the pressing mass of deadly state violence and complete marginalization faced by fellow students and workers around the world—a burden we can’t help but share—and we are reaching a critical point. With the events of the last few days from Oakland, to Ferguson, to Mexico, it is not difficult to see that something new has been unleashed. It should be clear enough: with the world as it is, fighting on is the only option.

To students and allies, we say: join us. To Regents and administrators: beware. It is only a matter of time before the scales are tipped.


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