A Response to Admin’s Sexual Assault Bulletin by Feminists of Hum2

Those of us who are occupying Humanities 2 express our solidarity and commitment in struggle to our comrade who was sexually assaulted in a lecture hall adjacent to our occupation. We are deeply affected that our comrade experienced sexualized violence and we vehemently oppose and refuse to tolerate patriarchal expressions in our space – be them physical or otherwise. The CruzAlert purposefully pretends that the sexual assault itself was a natural outcome of the occupation movement, and that when we attempt to imagine and create spaces that are beyond the university’s reach of control, we have naively put ourselves in danger and opened ourselves up to violence.

It is an attack on the survivor to attack the movement with which she is associated. It is unfair to imply that the survivors participation in this occupation has brought on this violence against her. The closing statement of this email utilizes victim blaming language by implying the survivor experienced sexual assault because of the environment she was in. The language in the email from the UC police misrepresented the condition of the occupation as a way to legitimize an eviction and discredit the student movement. We are disgusted that the Cruz Alert has co-opted issues of sexual violence as a mechanism to gain support for police repression against the occupation, considering the university nor the police have historically cared to punish perpetrators of sexual violence. We say this out of our overwhelming compassion for survivors and our rage against perpetrators.

There are many instances of sexual assault that occur on campus, the majority of which go unreported in this way (via Cruz Alert) to the campus community. These issues are pressing student concerns and need to be addressed appropriately in every instance, may that be through adequate support services for survivors (which the UCPD failed to include in their email) or following through on prosecuting perpetrators We are prepared in this space to extend support to survivors.

To all women: Your struggles against patriarchal violence are our struggles.

To all survivors of sexual violence: We stand in solidarity with you.

To perpetrators: Our movement is against you.

In solidarity,

Feminists of Hum2


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